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Noesis by SpazioLegno

Noesis is able to transfer the client the knowledge, experience and intuition thanks to many years of training and care in the field which makes an excellent Italian product with a unique design.

2 layers boards have the FSC certification both for the hardwood and the plywood. This is a quality, durability and evenness guarantee for our boards.

In the end, Noesis by SpazioLegno offers a wide variety of colors, essences, finishes, and cuts.

Supplier Website: Noesis Legno by SpazioLegno

Suppliers: Berti, Garbelotto, Giordano e altri

Parquet is the top choice picked by Our Clients for the Day and Night rooms of the apartments. In Miplan, we pay careful attention to the preferences, trends, and desirable finishes together with our suppliers so that the Clients have the opportunity to choose what mesmerizes them.

Parquet for interiors is a wood paving material with a minimum depth of 2.5mm for the noble top layer before installation (Official Terminology UNI EN 13756:2018).

Supplier Website: Berti

Supplier Website: Garbelotto

Supplier Website: Giordano

Porcelain Stoneware

Suppliers: Armonie, Bisazza, Caesar, Florim, Herberia, Marazzi

Porcelain Stoneware is a special ceramic material which is hard and compact, often colored, and not porous. This structural characteristics make it the best material for the combination of durability and design.

This material is the best performing on the market for water absorption, and the other special skill of Porcelain Stoneware is the high resistance to abrasion.

Supplier Website: Armonie

Supplier Website: Bisazza

Supplier Website: Caesar

Supplier Website: Florim

Supplier Website: Herberia

Supplier Website: Marazzi

Wood, Alluminum and PVC

Always made-to-measure

While continuously pursuing the philosophy of made-to-measure apartments, in Miplan we look forward to keeping Italian Artisans in the unique value creation exprerience throughout the majority of its components. Windows are a crucial part for energetic performance and aesthetics, that is why we often choose made-to-measure options. Depending on the historic standing of the building, we also do integral restoration of the complete joinery.

Wood and Glass

Suppliers: Ghizzi&Benatti, Viemme Porte e altri

Regarding internal doors and joinery, in Miplan we always choose the best options for the architectural usability of our apartments. Our Clients often look for the option to personalize the apartment doors, obviously respecting the distribution of areas and accessibility to the apartment rooms.

Some of the options available: Wooden Doors, Lacquered, Swing, Sliding, Frameless, Flush Wall, Decorated, Folding, and Semi-Pivot.

Supplier Website: Ghizzi & Benatti

Supplier Website (only Italian version): Viemme Porte

Cover Plates and Devices


Air Conditioning

Supplier: BTicino

BTicino offers a variety of products related to electrical wiring in your apartments, together with the useful objects such as cover plates, that are at the core of finishes desing. BTicino is by far the best provider maximizing the balance between functionality and design.

Supplier Website: Bticino

Supplier: Zehnder

Where the radiator heating system is in place, we test for quality and efficiency the apartment heating performance and we substitute, or go through professional restoration for antiques, radiators with those of the best efficiency-quality on the market in order to maximize their performance metrics.

Supplier Website: Zehnder

Supplier: Daikin, Parkair

Extraordinary comfort for hot summers in Milan, Miplan installs cooling systems with and without external machines, heat pumps (both air/water and water/water) and related splits for its apartments, choosing two of the best suppliers on the market, thanks to more than 70 years of experience in the heating and cooling sector.

Supplier Website: Daikin
Supplier Website (only in Italian): Parkair

Bathing, Ceramics, Mixers, and Taps

Suppliers: Duravit, Grohe, Ideal Standard, Toto

Miplan has chosen to provide its clients with vast choice and customizability in this category as well, while maintaining the usability standards set during the project phase in one of the most overlooked rooms in a house, the bathroom. Here it is possible to apply the same made-to-measure principle by choosing high quality materials and suppliers which, in the end, turn desinging a bathroom into a pleasure rather than an accessory, with the highrst attention to design and finishes.

Link fornitore: Duravit

Link fornitore: Grohe

Link fornitore: Ideal Standard

Link fornitore: Toto


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